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Part-Time Evening Telephone Interviewer

Scarborough Interviewing Center

San Antonio, TX and Sarasota, FL

Our interviewers conduct telephone interviews asking respondents questions about their television viewing, radio listening, newspaper reading and internet usage habits. They read questions and record interview responses via a computer. There is a minimum of 20 hours a week required, and candidates must be willing to work Friday nights and Saturdays during the day for five hours.

What is Market Research?

Market research is the process of gathering data on the products and services used by, and the habits and opinions of, consumers. This information is used to develop new products, improve services, influence policy, and measure the results of consumer use.

As researchers, we are respectful of the participants’ right to privacy. Data that is collected is held strictly confidential and used only for statistical purposes. While both the research industry and telemarketing industry use phones to conduct their business, there are some important differences.

Telemarketers want to sell you something...
A Researcher wants to ask your opinion...