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Creative Messaging

Creative is only as good as its foundation. And that requires thoughtful communication based on relevant insights.

Consumers are exposed to advertising in virtually every part of their daily routine. Just imagine the number of ad exposures consumers receive in a one hour period when watching TV, while checking email, and discussing their plans via social media. It’s a constant influx of communication for an increasingly diverse audience of consumers. That makes it all the more important to understand the behaviors, attitudes, cultural factors, and motivations of your target group. And that’s how you create messaging that will stand out and truly resonate with them.

The Challenge: 

An Atlanta advertising agency – whose client is a local Honda dealer – had a cross-platform campaign that included both traditional and digital media. They were working on the creative and wanted to understand the motivations that drive potential car buyers, so that their ads would stand apart from competitive dealerships.

Applying Our Insights: 

Using Scarborough, the agency was able to determine that the top three motivations for potential car buyers in purchasing their last vehicle were price/selection, value and location. That underscored the need for the creative to highlight the dealer’s ability to provide all three. They also recognized that the potential buyers led a very active lifestyle, as they were more likely than the average adult to participate in outdoor activities.

The agency made sure to include imagery that spoke to the advertised model’s room for sports equipment and all-around off-road ruggedness. When analyzing the motivations of potential car buyers with the Scarborough/GfK MRI attitudinal data, they found that their target consumers looked forward to technology advances in new vehicles. Knowing the importance of technology and prestige, the agency highlighted the upgraded technology packages offered with the new model year.

Attitudes of Atlanta Potential Car Buyers
Agree Completely or Agree Somewhat
  % Index
Having a vehicle that is fun to drive is a top consideration in my purchasing decision. 58% 118
I generally purchase the most expensive model with all the luxury appointments and options. 27% 114
I look forward to technology advances in new vehicles. 72% 112
I seek out vehicles with bold, innovative designs that stand apart from others on the road. 34% 111

The attitudinal data also showed that potential car buyers used social media – not only to find out about products and services, but also to rate or review them. They were also likely to purchase brands that support their causes. Since social media was an integral part of their campaign, the agency communicated socially about the contributions the dealer had made to the same charitable organizations as their potential consumers.

Reasons Atlanta Potential Car Buyers Visit or Use Social Networking Website
Agree Completely or Agree Somewhat
To find out about products and services 20%
To receive exclusive offers, coupons or other discounts 22%

The Results: 

The increased traffic and sales at the dealership proved the overall success of the campaign. Buyers were asking about the upgraded technology packages and additional sports features – such as 4-wheel drive and a boat hinge – which illustrated the success of the creative messaging. Brand awareness and loyalty also grew through increased comments on their social media pages.