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Cross-Platform Analysis

The sheer volume of media options requires more than scratching the surface with simple numbers. You have to go deeper into your targets’ habits and interactions.

Traditional and digital media landscapes are ever-changing. New media and communication networks are emerging, and adaptation rates vary greatly by local market, as well as by the type of consumer. That makes determining the proper platforms to reach your target a much bigger challenge. Scarborough offers the ability to quickly analyze media preferences, so you can create the proper mix of both traditional and non-traditional venues for a media buy.

The Challenge: 

An Atlanta advertising agency was creating a media plan for a local Honda dealer. In addition to the broader targeting of all potential new car purchasers, they also wanted to focus on Spanish-Dominant Hispanics as a new growth opportunity. The plan was to use traditional media for their overall reach and frequency strategy, but determine if digital and social media should be used to increase brand awareness and loyalty. Getting the proper mix and dollar allocation was the key to keeping within their client’s budget.

Applying Our Insights: 

Focusing on potential new car purchasers, the agency began with an analysis of the media quintiles we provided. They were able to quickly determine if their target group was more likely to be heavy newspaper readers, television viewers or radio listeners...and allocated their budget accordingly. Their target consumers were also heavy commuters, so the agency incorporated billboards into the mix on the most traveled roads. Their quintile analysis also showed heavy exposure to mall media. So incorporating digital displays and a promotion at the top local mall would offer an additional touch point.

Media Usage of Atlanta Potential Car Buyers (By Quintile)
1st or 2nd Quintile % Index
Digital Displays 49% 123Potential new car buyers in Atlanta are 23% more likely to use digital displays
Television 45% 113
Mall 44% 109
Miles Traveled 42% 105
Internet 42% 104
Newspaper 41% 101
Radio 40% 100

After analyzing the internet and social media habits of their consumers, it was clear that digital would be a key factor. The agency incorporated the websites of traditional media to add incremental reach and exposure. Scarborough also showed that the potential car buyers were likely to use their smart phones for automotive information and social networking, so the agency was able to build a case for incorporating a social plan – and the appropriate budget – to help build brand awareness at a grass roots level.

The Results: 

An efficient media plan was put together that utilized traditional media for mass reach and frequency. The buyers also incorporated a digital plan that successfully delivered targeted messaging, promotions and branding. With the proper budget allocation, they were able to achieve their campaign goals.