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Media Buying/Selling

There are so many ways to reach out to consumers. You need to know if your media dollars are working as hard as they possibly can when you commit to a buy.

Media options – from traditional to digital to social – are continuing to grow and evolve at a record pace. Changes in the ways consumers are engaging with media are also making it more challenging to determine the right media for the right group. And a CPP in a market is no longer the only or the most effective way to determine advertising placement. You have to look at the potential target group to quantify the efficiency of the placement, as well as the reach.

The Challenge: 

An Atlanta advertising agency created a media plan for a local Honda dealer that incorporated traditional, digital, and social media based on the evaluation of their target group. They also wanted to reach Hispanic consumers – and the market was split between both Spanish- and English-Dominant. The media buyer needed to establish the proper vehicles that would bring in deliver potential car buyers, as well as launch a brand awareness and loyalty campaign. With multiple target groups, efficiency was critical in staying within their budget.

Applying Our Insights: 

The media buyer used Scarborough to profile the traditional media habits of their target consumer groups. By profiling potential car buyers, she was able to determine the top stations in the market for broadcast, cable and radio. By also looking at the index, the buyer was able to narrow the stations down to the ones that delivered the greatest reach, as well as the ones that were the most efficient in serving up potential consumers. The separate profiles of the Spanish- and English-Dominant Hispanics allowed the buyer to understand which of their current stations would deliver these target groups, as well as the additional stations they would need to buy.

Atlanta Market
Potential New Car Buyers
Broadcast Stations Watched Past 7 Days % Index
WAAA 52% of potential car buyers in Atlanta watched WAAA in the past week  104
WBBB 22% 123
WCCC 17% 120
Cable Stations Watched Past 7 Days % Index
ESPN 37% 116
CNN 37% 146
USA 33% 127
Radio Listening M-S 6AM-MID % Index
WGGG FM 36% 164WGGG FM listeners are 64% more likely to be potential new car buyers
WHHH FM 27% 149
WJJJ FM 24% 155


Hispanic Atlanta Market
Spanish Dominant English Dominant
TV % Index TV % Index
WRRR 55% 138 WAAA 52% 164
WVVV 41% 131 WRRR 20% 157
WXYZ 14% 125 WLMN 39% 134
Cable % Index Cable % Index
Telemundo 35% 165 A&E 47% 134
Animal Planet 32% 103 Discovery 40% 102
Galavision 27% 161 Food Network 38% 168
Radio % Index Radio % Index
WBZY FM 58% 152 WGGG FM 45% 181
WHHH FM 26% 111 WTUV FM 32% 123
WLKQ FM 22% 156 WQRS FM 24% 177

Since digital was going to be a key component of the campaign, the buyer was able to see which station and newspaper websites would deliver incremental reach, helping in the negotiating for traditional/digital packages. The buyer also placed billboards on the roads that were shown to be most frequently traveled by the target consumers. We found that social media was used at different levels by the buyers’ distinct target groups. And many of the potential consumers were likely to recommend products and companies via social media. By understanding their habits, the buyer selected which social media vehicles should be purchased for the brand awareness and loyalty campaigns.

The Results: 

The advertising buy produced the greatest reach and frequency in delivering the dealer’s potential car buyers. By incorporating media that were most efficient among the target group, the buyer stayed well within budget. Within a few weeks of the campaign, the client not only saw increased traffic at the dealership, but more customers who were more qualified...and sales rose quickly. The client also saw increased traffic and comments on their websites, showing an increase in their brand awareness.