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Multi-Cultural Targeting

A target audience is a bit of a misnomer. There’s never really just one audience. You have to take numerous distinctions and preferences into account within every group.

America’s diversity is growing at a fast pace. That means understanding the subtleties of the cultural mix – at the local market level – is even more important. If you look at Hispanic penetration for example, it’s increasing at different rates within regions, markets and cities. And there are marked differences in acculturation levels – whether its language dominance, length of time in the United States, or affinity toward their own culture and traditions. So when you’re developing marketing, creative and messaging strategies, it’s critical to incorporate these insights into your efforts.

The Challenge: 

An Atlanta advertising agency landed a large Honda dealer. In their original analysis of the market, they found that 14% of Atlanta adults who plan to purchase a car in the next year were Hispanic. So before they developed and launched any communications, the first step was gaining a full understanding of this audience. That way, they’d know if they needed to incorporate Spanish language messaging, creative and media within their campaign.

Applying Our Insights: 

Using Scarborough, the agency determined there was almost an even split with language dominance among Hispanics. So Spanish language media was critical in reaching those in their native language. But they would still need to include subtle messaging that spoke to Hispanic heritage and culture – within their overall media campaign – to speak to English-Dominant Hispanics.

When they looked at the automotive preference profile of Hispanics, it was clear that model choices were very different than the average Atlanta adult. Overall, they are more likely to drive sub-compacts, vans, and domestic SUVs. Not only did this help the agency understand which models they should be promoting, but it also represented an opportunity for Honda to try to convert Hispanic domestic SUV owners to their foreign models. We were also able to determine the key reasons Hispanics had chosen their last dealer, which helped the agency refine their messaging.

Model Types of Domestic Vehicles Owned or Leased by Atlanta Hispanics
Vehicle Type % Index
SUV 26% 118
Trucks 21% 90
Subcompact 15% 305 Hispanics in the Atlanta market are 3 times more likely to own or lease a domestic subcompact vehicle
Vans 10% 133
Compact 8% 103

The Results: 

The agency was able to develop a highly targeted campaign to reach the Spanish-Dominant Hispanics, but also utilized subtle Hispanic themes in the creative to reach English-speakers. With messaging that resonated with both groups, the Honda dealer increased their share of Hispanic car purchasers and quickly saw growth in sales and revenue.