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Custom: Making Every Ad Dollar Count

Ever-increasing media fragmentation means we all really need to do our homework. Now more than ever.

One of the major revenue streams for television service providers are sales of their local and regional advertising inventories. But as consumer video content consumption fragments across numerous media, providers are scrambling to demonstrate audience value for their cross-platform advertising inventories.

The Challenge: 

A major national TV services provider needed to demonstrate the value of advertising on multiple content platforms to their clients. While clients were buying ad schedules on their traditional broadcast offerings, too many clients ignored the value of having a presence on their digital (website) platform as well.

Applying Our Insights: 

By utilizing existing Scarborough respondents and their syndicated data, we isolated and re-interviewed consumers who subscribed to the provider’s TV service and had visited their websites in the past 30 days. With existing syndicated measures, we were also able to provide a comprehensive profile of each of the consumers we interviewed. The process involved administering a 30-minute survey across the 12 largest DMAs in their footprint. And that highlighted even more behavioral insights – from the frequency of watching ad inserted networks to the frequency of visiting the client’s website properties, as well as the time spent on each platform. Once those measures were established, we captured several insights focused on tying ad exposure to purchasing behaviors and attitudes. Examples include:

  • The trustworthiness of advertising media platforms (online, TV, radio, print, etc.)
  • The platform most likely to use to gain information across varying product categories
  • Whether platform ads helped drive the consumer to visit (either in-person or on-line) the advertised store or make a purchase (by platform type)
  • How often the consumer interacted with TV and on-line advertising via coupon offerings, seeking out product information, making a purchase, etc.

The Results: 

This proprietary study revealed that customers who were relying on ad schedules across single screens (platforms) were missing out on exposing their advertising to a different – and very valuable – set of consumers who are multi-screen viewers. Our client has used this information to help promote two screen ad sales to their local and regional advertising sales clients.