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New Business Development

It goes without saying: Prospecting for new business is challenging in today’s environment. So how do you get a leg up? It’s about understanding your potential client’s market share. The competitive landscape of the market. And the profile of the client’s target consumers. These are the insights that will set you apart from your competitors and help you build a successful relationship with your prospect. Not to mention, it will also allow you to showcase the revenue or growth that you can deliver to their business, as well as your own company.

The Challenge: 

An Atlanta advertising agency wanted to land a leading automotive account. But first, they needed to understand the key players in the market and determine the potential growth opportunity for the dealer, so they could make a compelling case. Strategically, the agency’s approach called for targeted creative campaigns, focused on diverse consumer segments and the motivations that drive them – which also required illumination.

Applying Our Insights: 


Using Scarborough, the agency was able to show the Honda dealership that their brand was the third ranked make of vehicle owned or leased by Atlanta adults; and their business was the top Honda dealership where potential car buyers might shop. We found that 8% of adults were planning to purchase a new vehicle in the next year, which was encouraging to both the agency and the dealer. However, we also saw there was growing competition from online sites. In fact, the automotive websites had greater penetration than any individual dealer. Digital was going to be necessary not only in their advertising campaign but the dealer would need to help with their website sales development. 

The agency was also able to show the dealer the true multi-cultural make-up of their potential car buyers. This made it clear that their mass-market approach of the past was not going to be effective in capturing the 10% of car buyers who are Hispanic. And knowing the top 3 reasons that potential buyers chose a dealership in the purchase of their last new vehicle – price/value, selection and location – the agency was able to develop powerful creative prototypes that highlighted those factors.

Top Reasons Atlanta Potential Auto Customers Used Recent Dealer

  % Index
Location 34% 204
Price-Value 29% 132
Service 23% 226Potential auto customers are 126% more likely to choose a dealer for their service

The Results: 

The agency landed the Honda dealer’s business. And by illustrating their need to strategically expand their marketing efforts for increased ROI, increased their advertising budget by 20%. By continuing to use Scarborough to profile their consumers traditional and digital media habits, they planned and bought more effective advertising, and have enjoyed a long-term relationship with the client.