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Sponsorship/Partnership Opportunities

Successful sponsorships are like any other media. You have to dig down to find the opportunity that’s the best fit for your goals. And sometimes, it’s not what you initially thought it might be.

Profiling consumers – beyond demographics – allows you to create a complete picture of their lifestyles, shopping patterns and behaviors. You can take those common interests, match them up with specific venues, businesses or retailers, and create targeted sponsorships and partnerships. These powerful relationships will directly speak to your potential customers and create better brand awareness.

The Challenge: 

An Atlanta advertising agency was looking for venues for their client – a local Honda dealership – where they could showcase the new models that offered the latest technology. They also wanted to drive traffic into their dealership with a free offer for a test drive. With so many sports venues, arts and entertainment options in Atlanta, they needed to determine which venues and offers would truly resonate with their potential car buyers.

Applying Our Insights: 

Through their cross-platform analysis, the agency had already determined that potential car buyers were more likely than the average Atlanta adult to be exposed to mall media. By profiling the malls shopped within the past 30 days, the agency was able to choose the ones that had the widest – and most efficient reach – for their target group. Then they negotiated a package for placing vehicles within the mall, as well as digital signage.

The client was also interested in sponsoring a local Atlanta sports team. Major league teams were cost-prohibitive for a local dealer, so they needed to look for alternatives. The profile of their consumers showed they were actually more likely to attend high school sports events versus the local minor league or college teams. Armed with that insight, the agency proposed sponsoring local football teams in their trade area with a grass-roots campaign to create brand loyalty.

We also found that potential car buyers were more likely to visit the local theme park – so they established a partnership with that business to give away free tickets with each test drive.

The Results: 

The partnership with the mall added the extra touch-points the Honda dealer was looking for by allowing potential car buyers to experience the latest technology in the new Honda models. The client saw increased upgrades within their car sales following the campaign. The local high school sports sponsorships were successful in creating brand loyalty and awareness; and the theme park ticket giveaways with a test drive increased traffic significantly among qualified car buyers.