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Sports Sponsorship Opportunities

Companies know the value of sponsorships, they just need to understand your fan and how they intersect with their business.

For brands, aligning with sports properties can produce results that increase awareness and, most importantly, drive bottom line sales. After all, there are few customer groups in the U.S. that are more passionate than sports fans. And if that passion transfers to the supportive sponsors in a meaningful way, the results are significant.

The Challenge: 

A pro sports team in Minneapolis didn’t have a current sponsor in the home improvement category. The two main players in the space – Home Depot and Lowe’s – hadn’t shown any interest in local sponsorships in the past. So the pro sports team decided to build an approach that targeted these types of retailers, as well as manufacturers.

Applying Our Insights: 

Using Scarborough, the pro sports team was able to show that its fans spent $500 more per household than the total market on all home improvements in the past year. More importantly, game attendees were FAR more likely than the market average to have spent $1,000 or more on landscaping specifically in the past year. The team approached a lawn care company with this data and made it clear that their high-margin customer was attending its games. This company’s product line also happened to be a top seller at a regional hardware retailer, so the pitch soon moved to that side of the business, as well.

The regional hardware retailer was not only intrigued by the strong landscape numbers, but also in fans and attendees who were looking to buy a new home. After all, new home buyers equals home improvement spenders. The team produced data showing that over five percent of their attendees were in the market for a new home. When the home improvement retailer saw the “plan to buy” data they decided to become a sponsor as well.

The Results: 

The team worked together with the two companies to establish a program to drive game attendees to the retailer for product discounts within days of a home team victory. Both the lawn care company and the retailer put metrics in place ahead of time to measure the results, and each recorded eye-opening sales increases in the promotional period.