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Sports Ticket Sales

Tickets are the lifeblood of the sports industry. Not only do they represent a significant revenue stream for a team, a full stadium just looks good on TV.

The sheer array of tickets available to today’s sports fan is prolific. Single game tickets, group tickets, partial season plans, full season plans, club seats, suites and all-inclusive sections are just some of the options. And some of those prices can change, literally, game by game. Plus, you have to factor in the various buying avenues – via the team at the stadium or their website...or from any number of ticket sellers on the secondary market.  

The Challenge: 

A pro sports team in Phoenix was struggling with season ticket renewal rates and also wanted to improve on the previous season’s single game ticket sales. The team decided to take a closer look at their media buy in terms of both target groups and media mix.

Applying Our Insights: 

The pro sports team identified three fan segments it wanted to target in the off-season – Hispanic men, households with kids, and men 35+ with household incomes of $100k or more. For each segment, quintiles (media heaviness measures) were analyzed to determine the top three media categories to use. A further analysis then determined which specific vehicles were the most efficient and effective buys within each category.

The Results: 

The team noticed increased awareness and interest from all targeted groups, especially households with kids. One month into the season, they saw an 18% increase in single game ticket sales from the previous year. And before the season began, their season ticket renewal rates showed a slight increase after three consecutive down years.