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It's a wide range of offerings designed to solve even the most complex needs. Our capabilities include:

Target Market Panorama

Nielsen uses our respondent’s and their survey answers to deliver virtually anything you need to know about your target market on local, regional, and national levels.  Do you need to know how you stack up against the competition?  Do you want to know where your eroding market share is going? A Market Panorama study is the way to go. 

Proprietary Segmentation Modeling

Almost all companies today serve a small niche of the total market.  Without knowing the appropriate market segments that are vital to your business, you could be wasting marketing and promotional dollars by failing to reach your most important customers with the right message or failing to make a convincing case of why your product is superior to the competition.  We can build your customer or marketplace segmentation on a proprietary basis using existing Nielsen Scarborough respondents and their data or we can conduct a deep dive into the attitudes and preferences of current and potential customers. The Nielsen Scarborough Custom Analytics staff can help you design a segmentation model that will identify your customers’ behaviors, attitudes and demographics that allow you to make effective marketing decisions.

Proprietary Segmentation Enhancement

Perhaps you have an existing segmentation scheme that meets your needs well but now you with to map that segmentation to our syndicated data so that you have detailed media habits of your segment for advertising planning—or want to have a detailed portrait of existing purchase patterns or lifestyle activities to refine your ability to reach your target segments.

Media Business Strategy

With the most comprehensive media measurement available for broadcast and cable television, newspaper, internet usage, and radio media, Nielsen Scarborough can conduct major strategic studies for media companies looking at circulation churn, use of multiplatform interactive television or audience aggregation studies.  These studies assist with comprehensive advertising sales support materials, interest in new product development, finding sponsors with overlapping profiles, or monitoring consumer experimentation with different channels of accessing information.  Nielsen can point the way to finding and defending your particular market niche.

Database Extension

For clients with existing transactional database of customers or prospects, we can often match your customers/prospects to our database of over 240,000 respondents so that you can immediately view the full depth of Nielsen Scarborough data descriptors for your clients and prospects—all without needing to fund a single market interview!

Customer/Subscriber Experience

We routinely conduct customer loyalty or engagement studies to maximize your ability to hold on to your most profitable customers as well as attract the right types of new customers.  This is ideal for large retailers, hotel chains, car manufacturers, as well as travel and entertainment destinations.

Brand Equity Related Studies

We create an in-depth report on brand awareness, consideration, and preference, as well as many types of advertising communications.  We can provide a baseline measurement of your brand strength and monitor movement in brand perceptions as your advertising campaign progresses.

Youth Oriented Solutions

We provide a window into this valuable market of 13–17 year olds via opt-in online panels.  This allows you to track consumer purchases by this affluent group of emerging citizens—as well as to monitor the acceptance of your brand by those who will soon be your adult customers.

Hispanic Community Market Intelligence (Using our 35,000+ Hispanic Adults)

Nielsen Scarborough annually interviews and maintains information on more than 35,000 Hispanic citizens across the United States.  We can re-contact our Hispanic respondents to provide unique and proprietary insights, and then leverage our 2,000+ data points previously collected through our syndicated research on each of our Hispanic respondents. No other research provider can offer you the Hispanic acculturation and generational insights that we have to offer. Allow Nielsen Scarborough to help you capitalize on the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population. You’ll be amazed at the marketing insights we have to offer on this community. 

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It goes without saying that each client is unique and we often use a hybrid of methods and research tools as part of your customized solution. Here are just a few of the potential approaches that may be included in yours.

Re-Interview of Nielsen Scarborough Respondents

This is the most common “value-ad” methodology because all of the nearly 2,000 syndicated data points are immediately available to you in the analysis at no cost. We collect proprietary data by re-contacting select respondents by telephone, mail, or over the internet to deliver a unified dataset.

Merging Client Data with Nielsen Scarborough Data

We often work with third party database managers– while protecting personally identifiable information (PII) in client data and our respondent data – seamlessly bringing multiple sources together in a clear, actionable format.

Traditional Surveys

Traditional definitely doesn’t mean ordinary. These surveys include the best random-digit dial (landline and/or cell phone) samples or online samples to reach deeply into the population. We provide ready to view data templates that encompass your most common data queries .Or we can provide a full analysis of survey findings in a PowerPoint executive summary.

Advanced Analytics

If your solution requires the use of advanced analytics, Nielsen Scarborough Custom Analytics team is well equipped to provide the data analysis expertise your solution requires. From multivariate regression analysis, to segmentation modeling, discriminant analysis and factor analysis, we can meet your needs. Our analytic staff specializes in data fusions that combine our respondents with customer lists or other third party data sources that can provide deep consumer insights.