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Attitudinal Insights

Why all the attitude? Understand the attitudes and behavior of your consumers and marketplace.

Consumers are exposed to advertising in virtually every part of their daily routine. Just imagine the number of ad exposures consumers receive in a one hour period when watching TV, while checking email, and discussing their plans via social media. It’s a constant influx of communication for an increasingly diverse audience of consumers. That makes it all the more important to understand the behaviors, attitudes, cultural factors, and motivations of your target group. And that’s how you create messaging that will stand out and truly resonate with them.

What we offer.

Nielsen Scarborough attitudinal insights can help you understand the attitudes and behaviors of your target consumer for more than 400 variables across 13 categories. These insights can be crossed against the full suite of Nielsen Scarborough questions in order to add the WHY to the WHO, WHAT and WHERE that our data already provides. Understand your targets behaviors in key categories OR target critical behaviors and see who is most likely to display these attributes.

A standard attitudinal insights report includes:

  • Your choice of over 400 attitudinal variables against your target
  • Call outs explaining how to read the report
  • A consultation with an analyst to discuss your report.

How do I get started?

Whether you need a report, a brief executive summary or a full-blown PowerPoint Presentation, Nielsen Express Analytics gets you what you need in a hurry. Just speak with our expert analysts to find out the best deliverable for you.

Valuable Insights

  • 28% more likely than the average adult, Millennials agree with the statement “I am influenced by What’s Hot and What’s Not.”
  • African-Americans adults 21+ are 57% more likely than the average U.S. adult to agree with the statement “A celebrity endorsement may influence me to consider or buy a product.”
  • Among people who agree with the statement “I am loyal to my vehicle brands and stick with them”, 25% drive a Ford and 23% drive a Chevy.

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