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Local Market Analysis

It’s All About Local- Understand what is going on in your local market.

More now than ever before, understanding what is going on in your market is crucial to success. If you don’t understand what is happening at the local level, you will be left behind. Are you looking to expand your restaurant concept to a new market? Do you know where people in that market are dining now? What types of restaurants do they prefer? How often do they dine out? Where do these potential customers live and what do they like to do? The answers to these and other key questions can help you shape your strategy in a market that you don’t know as well as your own…and could make the difference between a good launch and a great launch.

What we offer.

Nielsen Scarborough local market information can provide you with a deep dive into over 120 local markets, allowing you to better understand shopping and dining behaviors, lifestyles, media usage and other key measurements among your target consumers. We can look at these local markets from a total market perspective (DMA level) down to a narrow focus (zip code trade areas). Use this information to help you pick an optimal storefront location, better understand the demographics of your potential customer, see how the competition stacks up or what their media preferences are.

A standard local market report includes:

  • Three to five variables which can be crossed against a trade area or target
  • Call outs explaining how to read the report
  • A consultation with an analyst to discuss your report.

How do I get started?

Choose a market and variables from a variety of categories such as demographics, shopping, media, lifestyle, sports, healthcare and more to begin your journey.  Where can you find millennial new car buyers?  Which market ranks highest for online banking?  Are you looking to put out a new product- which markets are more likely to buy it? 

Whether you need a report, a brief executive summary or a full-blown PowerPoint Presentation, Nielsen Express Analytics gets you what you need in a hurry. Just speak with our expert analysts to find out the best deliverable for you.

Valuable Insights

  • 14% of Los Angeles adults that have visited a QSR one time in the past 30 days reside in a 10-mile radius of the 91730 zip code.
  • 42% of Sacramento adults, living in a ten mile trade area around 95610, have visited the Arden Fair mall in the past 3 months.
  • Among Atlanta beer drinkers aged 21+, Bud Light is the #1 beer drank, with nearly 30% saying they have drank Bud Light in the past month.

Click here to view an example of a Local Market Report or view our other deliverable examples.

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