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Multi-Market Ranking

How do you rank? Take advantage of the largest and most comprehensive sample around.

Looking to expand your footprint to new parts of the country, but not sure what the best markets to grow in to? Want to attract additional marketing, advertising or sponsorship dollars into your market? Need to “size” your market among specific targets? The ability to compare the consumers in one market to another is key in today’s world. By showing the power and potential of targets in your market as they stack up against other top markets across the country can deliver additional revenue that may have been slotted elsewhere.

What we offer.

Nielsen Scarborough Multi-Market Rankings compare 77 of our local markets against each other among whatever attributes you choose to look at. We can rank markets by projected population, target penetration, or compare them to a national average. Multi-Market Rankings can answer questions like:

• What are the top markets for broadband penetration? Bottom markets?

• What markets have the highest percentage of Smartphone or Tablet users? 

• What are the top places for people planning new vehicle purchases during the next year?

• What city has the highest percentage of Working Moms? 

A standard multi-market ranker report includes:

  • A Market Ranker of 77 DMA’s based on your target
  • Call outs explaining how to read the report
  • A consultation with an analyst to discuss your report.

How do I get started?

Choose a target from any of Nielsen Local's thousands of measurements.  Where can you find Millennial new car buyers?  Which market ranks highest for online banking?  Which markets are more likely to buy your new product? Whether you need a report, a brief executive summary or a full-blown PowerPoint Presentation, Express Analytics gets you what you need in a hurry. Just speak with our expert analysts to find out the best deliverable for you.

Valuable Insights

  • 53% of Denver adults enjoy eating salsa.  Denver ranks #1 in the country for salsa!
  • 12% of Buffalo adults have attended a country music concert in the past year, which is 72% above the average U.S. adult.
  • 57% of Houston adults own a smartphone. They are 18% more likely than the average U.S. adult to do so.

Click here to view an example of a Multi Market Ranking Report or view our other deliverable examples.

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