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Multicultural Target Insights

Take advantage of the largest and most comprehensive Hispanic sample around.

Hispanics represent one of the largest growing populations in the country. The need for information on this unique group is more critical than ever. With over 35,000 Hispanic respondents in our database, we are able to extract detailed information on retail shopping patterns, media usage and the lifestyle behaviors of Hispanic consumers at both the local and national level.

Nielsen Scarborough also offers in-depth insights on African-American consumers, including demographics, shopping patterns and lifestyles. 

What we offer.

With such a large base of Hispanic respondents, we are able to dive deeper into this segment. Our ability to break out this group into different acculturation levels gives you the ability to look not just at the Hispanic population as a whole, but specific segments as well.  We can narrow it down based on language preferences, place of birth and length of time in the U.S. We will build the Hispanic target to your preference and then cross that target against any measurement, providing you the exact insights that will enable you to develop strategies that lead to more targeted promotions, co-branding and sponsorship opportunities, and more informed decisions about the buying and selling of advertising.

But our information does not stop with Hispanic consumers. Nielsen Local Insights data on African-American adults provide details on retail shopping patterns, lifestyles and interests, and areas of opportunity to grow business with a significant multicultural segment in the country.

A standard multicultural target report includes:

  • Three to five variables which can be crossed against the Hispanic or Black/ African African target
  • Call outs explaining how to read the report
  • A consultation with an analyst to discuss your report.

How do I get started?

Determine what you want to know about this segment.  Choose from a variety of measures including Hispanic origin, the language they prefer to speak or their residency.  Using these variables you can develop your ideal acculturation target.  

Whether you need a report, a brief executive summary or a full-blown PowerPoint Presentation, Nielsen Express Analytics gets you what you need in a hurry. Just speak with our expert analysts to find out the best deliverable for you.

Valuable Insights

  • 31% of U.S. born Hispanics in Dallas own or lease a domestic truck.
  • 23% of non-Spanish Dominant Hispanics in Miami have no health insurance, compared to 31% of Spanish Dominant Hispanics.
  • 12% of Los Angeles adults plan to switch wireless carriers in the next year. Compare that to 15% of non-Spanish Dominant Hispanics and 20% of Spanish Dominant Hispanics who plan to switch.

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