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Newspaper Website Visitors Fact Sheet

Nov 17, 2011
New York, NY
Market Highlights

A new study from Scarborough, the audience ratings measurement service for the newspaper industry, reveals insights regarding adults who have visited a newspaper website in the past 30 days; they are:

  • 31% more likely than all internet-using adults to be employed in professional/managerial positions
  • 34% more likely to influence company purchasing decisions about travel arrangements
  • 33% more likely to influence decisions to purchase information technology
  • 38% more likely to have annual household incomes of $250K+, 33% more likely to live in homes valued at $1M+
  • 48% more likely to hold a post-graduate degree
  • 31% more likely to have contributed to arts or cultural organizations in the past year, 25% more likely to have contributed to political organizations and 20% more likely to have contributed to social welfare organizations
  • 25% more likely to support politicians based on eco-positions, 20% more likely to pay more for eco-friendly products and 22% more likely to own or lease a hybrid vehicle
  • 22% more likely to have visited an art museum in the past year
  • 20% more likely than all internet-enabled adults to have taken three or more trips outside the continental U.S. in the past three years
  • 25% more likely to live in a household that owns an e-reader
  • 19% more likely to live in a household that owns a smartphone

According to the Scarborough (Scarborough USA+ Study, Release 1 2011), the following cities are among the top local markets for American internet-using adults who have visited newspaper websites in the past thirty days: New Orleans (53%), Boston (51%), Syracuse (50%), Philadelphia (44%) and Washington/San Francisco/New York (43%).

About Scarborough: 

Scarborough (, brings the local market to life like no other company. Our consumer insights reflect the shopping patterns, media usage behaviors across multiple platforms, and the lifestyle trends of American adults. Media professionals, marketers and agencies use Scarborough insights to: create a smarter, more informed marketing mix; conduct market-competitive analyses; plan event sponsorships and partnerships; geo-target prospective consumers; increase product sales, grow customer loyalty and for overall marketing strategy. Scarborough’s core offering of individual local-market studies spanning 120+ markets (including Puerto Rico). 77 local markets are MRC accredited. Other products and services include Analytics (customized research and express analysis) Sports and Hispanic insights and attitudinal data to help our clients address the why behind consumer behavior.  Scarborough surveys more than 210,000 adults annually, and studies more than 2,000 consumer categories. Scarborough has been in business for 40 years and is a joint venture between Arbitron Inc. ( and The Nielsen Company (