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Scarborough Announces New Integrated Consumer Attitudinal Insights Service

Scarborough/GfK MRI Attitudinal Insights Explore Correlation Between Attitudes of American Consumers and Their Shopping and Media Consumption Patterns
Jul 24, 2012
New York, NY
Corporate News

Local market consumer research firm, Scarborough announced today that they have forged a relationship with leading consumer behavior and motivations insights provider, GfK MRI, to combine GfK MRI’s attitudinal data points with Scarborough’s local and national consumer databases into a single integrated offering. This service will illuminate the WHO, WHAT, WHERE and WHY of the American consumer.

The Scarborough/GfK MRI Attitudinal Insights will enable marketers, advertising agencies, print and electronic media (broadcast and cable television, radio stations), sports teams, leagues and out-of-home media companies to examine consumer attitudes in conjunction with media consumption and purchasing behavior on a local and national level. These insights will help users to create effective messaging, successful products, and meaningful entertainment options that better resonate with their target consumers, and ultimately strengthen their brand.    

“Today’s announcement of our relationship with GfK MRI is an exciting new step for Scarborough as we fulfill the needs of our clients for access to attitudinal data,” says Tom Drouillard, president & chief executive officer for Scarborough. “With the creation of this service, we have produced a unique and unmatched locally-driven data set. The Scarborough service already helps our clients understand the WHO, WHAT and WHERE of their consumers, now we are enthusiastic to join with GfK MRI to bring the WHY.” 

"The ability to cross-reference our attitudinal data with Scarborough’s local market research grants users the ability to better target consumers where they live," says Kathi Love, President and CEO of GfK MRI.  "By knowing how attitudes and motivations differ across local markets, buying habits or media consumption patterns, users of this new service can be confident that they have well-rounded insights to support their marketing and media strategies."

By integrating the two data sets, all Scarborough measured consumer insights can be freely crossed, combined, and otherwise analyzed to provide Scarborough clients with access to more than 400 MRI attitudinal statements and segmentations. This new data set is available for purchase on a local and national basis, as well as report-by-report or as an in-depth analysis.

About Scarborough: 

Scarborough (, brings the local market to life like no other company. Our consumer insights reflect the shopping patterns, media usage behaviors across multiple platforms, and the lifestyle trends of American adults. Media professionals, marketers and agencies use Scarborough insights to: create a smarter, more informed marketing mix; conduct market-competitive analyses; plan event sponsorships and partnerships; geo-target prospective consumers; increase product sales, grow customer loyalty and for overall marketing strategy. Scarborough’s core offering of individual local-market studies spanning 120+ markets (including Puerto Rico). 77 local markets are MRC accredited. Other products and services include Analytics (customized research and express analysis) Sports and Hispanic insights and attitudinal data to help our clients address the why behind consumer behavior.  Scarborough surveys more than 210,000 adults annually, and studies more than 2,000 consumer categories. Scarborough has been in business for 40 years and is a joint venture between Arbitron Inc. ( and The Nielsen Company (