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See what the insight experts have to say about your industry and your unique audiences. Here you’ll find reports on wide-ranging consumer groups we know are critical to your business’s success. Whether you are looking for a written, detailed report on the automotive industry or a visually impressive infographic on Millennials, Nielsen Scarborough reports shine a light on diverse consumer groups.

By understanding how we use our own data to paint a portrait of the American consumer, you will be inspired to use Nielsen Scarborough data to pinpoint consumer groups you had never considered possible to reach.

See a report topic here that you would like replicate using your brand or media outlet? We can do the work for you! Contact our Nielsen Scarborough Express Analytics team and let them know you want the report you just read tailored to your consumer in your market.

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Market Highlights provide an analysis of the hot topics and critical audiences for a variety of industries. Presenting consumer demographics, lifestyles, shopping habits, media consumption, attitudes and more, they help keep you informed. Some reports are free for download, others are for a fee. 


Nielsen Scarborough Infographics are data visualizations that display insights into your industry in a way that is both artistic and narrative. These eye-catching reports allow you gain an understanding of your audience in a way that is fresh and fast. Free and available for download.