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Hispanic Consumer Insights

Detailed Understanding Begins at the Local Level

Marketing to the U.S. Hispanic consumers isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. You gotta know the locals. Hispanic adults in El Paso, TX are different from Hispanic adults in Miami, FL. On a local and a national level, Nielsen Scarborough can help you discover the differences in Hispanic consumer behavior and gain a comprehensive understanding of the media, shopping and lifestyle choices that this growing consumer target is making.

Nielsen Scarborough Hispanic market research can support your efforts to reach and connect with this significant consumer segment. How does this consumer group differ from the general market? How do different generations or acculturation levels of Hispanics consume media or spend their free time? What about sports—what do they play and what about their Fandom? Is social and mobile a good way to target Hispanic millennials? 

The Nielsen Scarborough Hispanic Insights Studies feature over 2,000 categories and brands support your Hispanic marketing needs. With an unmatched sample size of over 35,000 Hispanics nationally and over-sampled Hispanic populations locally, our Hispanic market research is your secret weapon to producing more effective Hispanic focused marketing programs.

The Nielsen Scarborough Hispanic Studies

Nielsen Scarborough offers individual studies in 8 local markets that have additional Hispanic sample to enable in-depth analysis on the trends of Hispanic consumer behavior on the local level. Featured local markets in the Nielsen Scarborough Hispanic Studies include Chicago, Dallas, Fresno, Houston, Phoenix, Sacramento, San Antonio and San Francisco. These studies allow for the option of analyzing the consumer trends of a single market.

The Nielsen Scarborough Hispanic Multi-Market Study

The Hispanic Multi-Market Study is an enhanced solution that offers media professionals and marketers a tool to examine the Hispanic consumer group across 39 local markets with the most concentrated Hispanic populations. With a sample size of over 35,000 Hispanic respondents, subscribers have the ability to easily perform in-depth analyses and comparisons across local markets, brands, media outlets, and retailers. Users can explore Hispanic consumer behavior in important  marketing categories such as finance (including banking and insurance), beverage, automotive, telecommunications, media and retail shopping.