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Local Market Services

bringing the local market to life– like no other service.

We are insights experts. With eyes and ears in neighborhoods across the country, we measure, reflect and analyze the trends and behaviors of consumers. Then we turn it all into accessible, actionable data services that shine a powerful light on your audience or consumer segment. With 120+ local market research studies and measurement categories ranging from retail shopping patterns to cross-platform media usage, lifestyle patterns, detailed demographics, we help you make more targeted and smarter decisions in the planning, buying and selling of advertising, as well as in your overall marketing strategy. Nielsen can get down to the brand level to discover the opportunities that lie in your local consumers.

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  • Social Media Usage
  • Mobile Insights By Brand
  • Mom's Shopping Patterns
  • Cross-Platform Media
  • Coupon Usage
  • Sports Events Attended By Team
  • Retail Stores Shopped/Purchases Past 12 Months
  • Distance Traveled One Way to Buy a New Car
  • Grocery Stores Shopped and Amount Spent in the Past Week

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How to Use Nielsen Scarborough Insights:

Locally targeting marketing programs have been gaining popularity and are becoming increasingly important, but Nielsen Scarborough has been focusing on local for over 40 years. We know it is important to reach consumers where they live. Nielsen Scarborough Local Consumer Insights Studies help you make smarter, targeted decisions in the planning, buying and selling of advertising, as well as in your overall marketing strategy.

Media Placement/Schedules:

Use our extensive media measurements to reach customers efficiently and effectively through a mix of the media options and  the devices they use most often.


Find out more about your customers, so you can better connect with them through more targeted marketing and promotional campaigns. Join with the right partners for cross-promotion and who your products strengths.


Compare insights between local markets studies to determine your strongest areas and identify where there is the most growth potential.


Create consumer groups based on similar interests and lifestyles that enable marketers to develop strategies that lead to more targeted promotions, co-branding and sponsorship opportunities, and more informed decisions about the buying and selling of advertising of marketing campaigns.


Nielsen allows you to see who is competing for your consumer’s attention. What other products are they buying? Where else are they shopping? What other types of media are they using? We help give you a competitive edge across all of our measurement categories such as retail, finance, media, beverage and much more, which will help focus your efforts and attract new customers.