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Sacramento, CA


of Sacramento locals are runners.

Hiking at Yosemite. Skiing at Lake Tahoe. Biking on the American River Bike Trail. The Sacramento region offers a wide array of exotic exercise activities. But many in California’s state capital prefer to put on their running shoes and hit the pavement. In fact, Sacramento adults are 15 percent more likely than the average American to have gone jogging during the past year. More than one-quarter (29%) of adults in the market enjoy this activity.

A love of the outdoors is vital to the Sacramento region. Adults here are more likely to enjoy gardening, camping, and hiking. Taking care of the environment is clearly a priority for Sacramento; its residents are more likely than the average person to be green and participate in eco-friendly activities such as driving less or using alternative transportation, and recycling. They also tend to buy locally grown and organic food.

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Sacramento, CA Data Collection

Sacramento, CA consumer insights data is collected in two phases. First, we conduct a telephone interview where we gather some demographic and media usage information. Next, the same respondent completes a questionnaire and television diary that captures data on aspects of their lives including retail behaviors, media usage, lifestyle activities, and product/service consumption. This market uses continuous measurement which means we are in the field all year interviewing respondents and collecting data. Doing so evens out seasonality issues or other marketplace disruptions. This market is delivered twice a year to our customers with a 12-month rolling average.

Sacramento Market Trends


Sacramento Demographic Facts

of Sacramento adults are at least 50 years old.
more likely than all American households, Sacramento households have five household members.
of Sacramento adults have attended college.

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Sacramento, CA Release Dates

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Fieldwork Dates

The data for this market is collected twice a year and each is a rolling 12-month average of the current and previous six months of fieldwork.
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