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National Market Studies

Painting the National Portrait

Scarborough, now a Nielsen service, brings local markets to life like no other service, reflecting and analyzing the trends and behaviors of local adults where they live. And when the rich, individual local market insights are combined, they provide subscribers with a valuable and detailed national perspective that delivers powerful studies illuminating trends and opportunities for business development. Nielsen Scarborough National Market Study has over 2,000 different category measures and brands that illuminates the America consumer. These in-depth consumer insights and our market research service paints a national portrait so media companies, marketers, advertisers and agencies can pinpoint which consumer targets and markets could be most important for the growth, maintain market share or create partnerships and promotions that make sense. Nielsen Scarborough has two national consumer market research services:


See the bigger picture with Nielsen Scarborough USA+ National Insights Study. Media professionals and marketers use Nielsen Scarborough USA+ data to build national campaigns, develop stronger brand identity, formulate market penetration strategy, discover consumer targets that would provide potential growth and analyze national consumer trends. With over 210,000 adults survey annually, you can dive deep into consumer patterns, brands and cross-media usage.

Multi-Market Study

Nielsen Scarborough Multi-Market Study allows you to compare and contrast local and national insights. You can discover consumer trends on the local, regional and national levels. With this study, you can view markets individually, compare two or more markets, or create a customized geography by combining various local markets that you want to analyze.
The Multi-Market study allows you to discover new growth potential and examine consumer media patterns, shopping behaviors, lifestyles and demographics across the nation. By focusing on marketing and advertising programs according to the trends of local market consumer behavior, you can show the power of your market, region or state to advertisers in order to make more informed partnership decisions and build marketing campaigns based on the unique dynamics of individual markets.

Service Capabilities 

Growth Potential

Determine the next step to expand your business or brand by analyzing various markets across the U.S in our national consumer market research studies by seeing where your product or services would be most relevant

Efficient Communication Plans

Create more targeted communication plans by understanding consumers in their local markets

Power of Your Market

Demonstrate the strengths of your market to national advertisers

National Consumer Brands

Analyze national consumer brands from retail to beverage and much more

The Bigger Picture

Analyze lifestyle trends across the nation to create more effective local promotions