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Nielsen Scarborough Sports Marketing Insights

Root For The Home Team by Getting Down To The Local Level

Scarborough, now a Nielsen service, has eyes and ears in local markets across the U.S. to provide local and national perspectives on the insights that you need for your sports, leagues, teams and fans. We know your fans' behavior and information, including- where they shop, what they do, how they consume media, their spending habits and much more. With enhanced and customizable data solutions focused on the many facets of the sports industry, Nielsen Scarborough can help you discover the people and places that matter most to your business.

Nielsen Scarborough helps answer key questions about your specific team, league or sport, such as:

Are corporate sponsorships paying off? Are they well-targeted?
Are you reaching your desired fan target?
Who are your season ticket holders? How do you appeal to this group?
What are people doing when they’re not at your game?
How do you create and sell more effective media packages?
What are your fans buying?
What are the trends in merchandising? How much money are fans spending in different categories

Get in the game today with Nielsen Scarborough expansive sports marketing measurement categories which include:

Sports programs watched in the past 12 months on broadcast TV, cable TV and/or radio
Sports programs watched in the past 12 months on broadcast TV, cable TV and/or radio
The maximum amount willing to pay for a single ticket or level of interest in partial or full-season tickets
Sports events attended in the past 12 months
Avidity/level of interest in or number of games attended in past 12 months
Sports apparel with team/league logos bought past 12 months


Nielsen is not a one-size fits all company. We offer innovative solutions that are customized to meet your needs as they evolve. We know your sport's fan demographics, as well as what they do, where they are and what they buy. Find your most profitable location by geo-targeting and mapping game attendees by zip code to determine how far your fan base stretches and prove your geographical impact.


Use local insights to gain a deeper and more accurate understanding of your sport's fan demogrphics and what matters to them.


Create customized geographies by combining multiple local markets to highlight areas with the most opportunity for you. Compare one market to another or get down to the fan level to examine who is rooting for which teams and demonstrate the power of your fans.


Our local insights are leveraged into a powerful national study that highlights your strengths and determine where you have the most potential for growth.

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service capabilities

Nielsen Scarborough is the only service that can give you an extensive local team measurement which allows you to brand your specific team within the league. We also include avidity levels in professional and collegiate sports nationally and locally to better understand your fans’ behavior and information that includes their interest in your team, league or sport. Moreover, Nielsen Scarborough provides ticket sales and sponsorship insights on over 2,000 measurement categories and brands, including media, demographics and lifestyles.

Fan Reports

Want to capture the spirit of your target fan base? Nielsen Scarborough proprietary Fan Reports deliver market populations, Watch/Attend/Listen (WAL) numbers for engagement, comparative fan penetration year-over-year, specific fan numbers locally or regionally, relative position of teams within a specific market or league and a user-friendly, excel file deliverable, that’s easy to sort and highlight.

Fan Development

Get to know your fans by learning about where they are and their interest in sports, games or other events they’ve attended. You can grow your fan base both in and outside of the stadium by determining ways to target people who are only moderately interested in your sport, team or league and convert them into full-fledged fans by appealing to their interests.


If you understand your fans’ behaviors and consumer habits, you can demonstrate the power of your brand and maximize your potential for selling and choosing sponsorships. Advertisers can also let customers see how their products can help grow their brand by evaluating where fans are shopping and how much they’re spending.


Find out everything there is to know about your fans on and off-season, so you can partner with the right events to better connect with them. Marketing enables you to show your team's advantage to help align your brand with potential advertisers or assist you in partnering with events that target your fans.


Develop promotional strategies that keep your fans better engaged with your sport by knowing the answers to questions such as: What music should you play in the stands? What beer should you serve? Where should you place your billboards?


Explore your fans’ spending habits when purchasing team apparel and logo-branded merchandise so you can maximize the ability to sell them more than just a ticket to the game. Nielsen Scarborough lets you see specific stores where your fans are buying apparel and see how much they’re spending.

Competitive Edge

What other activities and events are competing for your fans' entertainment dollars? Nielsen Scarborough will give you the competitive edge with broad measures from most spectator sports to movies and online gaming, which will help focus your efforts to capture your fans’ attention and discretionary spending.

Ticket Sales

Highlight the differences between your fans and your attendees and know what media vehicles are best to target prospects, so you can create ticket packages that help fill your seats. Nielsen Scarborough also provides information on the amount fans are willing to spend on tickets and their interest in full or partial-season ticket packages.

Media Selling

We measure where your fans listen to or watch games and their general buying habits, so you can sell your media rights and approach advertisers with confidence and get top-dollar. Whether negotiating a media rights deal or directly selling play-by-play inventory, Nielsen Scarborough gives you the power to tell your story and maximize the value of the fan base. Help build value and validation for advertisers and buyers by profiling the strengths of these fans.

Media Placement/Schedules

Use our extensive media measurements to reach your fans in the most efficient and effective manner with a focused message that will gain their attention and get them to more games.