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ConneXionsTM is a Nielsen technology-based segmentation system that groups households into 53 segments and 10 Lifestage Groups based on voice, video and data consumption, as well as consumer technology adoption, or TechnodoptionTM. What makes ConneXionsTM unique is its use of TechnodoptionTM, a proprietary model that measures a household’s willingness to adopt new technology early in the product’s lifecycle (High Tech, Mid Tech, Low Tech and No Tech.)

ConneXionsTM gives communications service providers, consumer durables manufacturers and other companies focused on a household’s willingness to adopt new technology, consistent paradigms for understanding consumer communication behaviors as a framework for marketing, planning and product development.

ConneXionsTM is an idea segmentation system for manufacturers of technology products, television companies including cable and satellite, internet and wireless phone providers and any company or media launching or supporting a digital or mobile product.

Learn more about your consumers and the various lifestages they are in.