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P$YCLE is a Nielsen segmentation system for financial and insurance marketers and classifies every U.S. household into one of 58 consumer segments based on a household’s financial behaviors and wealth.  P$YCLE offers 12 Lifestage Groups based on Income Producing Assets (IPA) and Lifestage. The seven IPA classes are Millionaires (IPA is $1M+), Elite ($450K+), High ($250K - $450K), Above Average ($100K - $250K), Moderate ($50K - $100K), Below Average ($25K - $50K) and Low (less than $25K).

What makes P$YCLE unique is its use of the Nielsen IPA Indicators, a proprietary model that measures the liquid asset base of a household. This measure of wealth focuses on cash, demand deposits, money markets, stock and mutual funds, and other asset classes that are relatively easy to redeem and liquidate. The Nielsen IPA Indicators measures do not include the value of the household’s personal residences or other properties, but do account for products such as individual retirement accounts, 401K’s and other retirement plans. P$YCLE is ideal for banks, investment firms and upscale marketers.

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